We all know it: the start in your vacations is not far away, maybe in a couple of days, maybe in a couple of hours and nothing is packed.

For some people this isn’t a problem because they exactly know what to pack or they even don’t really care, but for a lot of people, (like me), it can be stressful.

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So here are my tips to avoid stress:

1. Packing lists
I’m sure I already wrote about this but packing lists are great for planning out your outfits, stuff you still have to buy and of course the stuff you want to bring. Also, it’s a way to nearly don’t forget something and to bring all your stuff back.

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2. Start early
Even if you don’t start packing you can start planning out. So you have enough time to still buy stuff or wash something.

3. Pack alone
In my experiences, it’s always better to pack when you’re alone at home. So nobody can distract you and also you can listen to music you like and so loud you like ;)

4. Suitcase organization
Organize your suitcase can bring you so much joy! Not only by packing also by finding stuff later. I think the best is to have different (reusable) bags where you put different things in. Like in one you put all your underwear/ socks & pajamas and in another you can put all your electronics/ charger/ personal stuff (special IDs, money,…)

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5. Don’t stress over forgetting things
Sure you should have your ID, tickets, and money but the rest like clothes, charger or hygiene products you can still buy!
It’s not so a big deal if you forget something!

Packing for vacations is always making me happy, because I knew I will be somewhere else soon. With these tips, it’s also something that goes smoothly and without panic attacks!

This article was written by @timasiarose on the We Heart It Writers Team.