Anuhea Esperanza

beach, blonde, and brunette image Mature image booty, seaside, and summer image eyes, blue, and beauty image
Long dark brown hair with blonde ombré, sun kissed tan skin, cool blue eyes


birthday, happy birthday, and balloons image
20 years old, the second youngest of the group. But she acts like the youngest.


girl, summer, and surf image Image by 🌻 𝓟𝓮𝓹𝓹𝓮𝓻 🌻 drink, cherry, and summer image food, seafood, and soups image
She loves to surf, and she paints others’ boards for money. She loves making new drinks at a little juice bar she works at, she also does some of their cooking.


Image by <3 creative, sun, and tan image summer, drink, and flowers image dumplings, food, and pot stickers image
Surfing, body art, fruity drinks, & gyoza. She LOVES gyoza, but Rain scolds her about eating her vegetables.


fashion, girl, and black image Image by Nadine amazing, beautiful, and bohemia image Image by Nadine


girl, surf, and summer image dance, gif, and grunge image surf, summer, and art image cooking, cream, and gif image


gif, kingdom hearts, and kairi image quotes, flower child, and flowers image coffee, funny, and quotes image Image removed Image removed inspired, quote, and water image


animals, gif, and princess image moana, disney, and art image adorable, baby, and water image gif, hands, and magic image
“The ocean calls out to me, I can hear it, feel it.”


weapon, xena, and chakram image black panther, gif, and Marvel image
A twin pair of chakrams. Gifted to her from a friend, who taught her how to defend herself.