Hello everyone! I'm from Argentina so we have a different educating system here. Therefore my first semester at university is coming to an end at this moment.

A little intro

I came to study to Buenos Aires (Argentina's capital), which happens to be about 1000 kilometers away from my hometown. This was difficulty number one: getting used to being away from home and starting to do adult things on my own. And difficulty number two was that school was always easy. I'm not saying that to sound big-headed; but because it was easy to pass a test, to get good grades, especially my school, which taught me practically nothing. This is why college was lifechanging in every aspect of my life, and it was really tough (I still have a lot to go through though), but this is what I learnt in the last few months:

Practice / revise what you did that day

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Try to make this a habit. It is totally useful because you can notice if you actually understood what you had learnt or if you need to write down some questions for next class/look for more information (YouTube videos came in really handy for me). This can also make the studying later easier, since the information will be more "processed" and "fresh".


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Let's be real people. Your time at college is serious. What you learn there will actually give you opportunities in life. So you NEED to really learn. So, ask every question you have, even if it takes doing that a million times DON'T BE AFRAID. There's nothing wrong with not getting something the first, the second or the third time. We all process information at different paces.
What's more, if you're afraid to ask in class (which you shouldn't, but I get it); ask your teacher for their email or for an extra class.
If necessary, look for a tutor or similar. Trust me. College isn't to fool around. The best educated you are, the more the opportunities that will come up.

Learn how to deal with stress

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Going from school to college is a huge leap. Everything is different. New people, new classes, new professors, new teaching methods, new grades. Getting straight A's at school won't guarantee you'll get straight As here. However, that's something I eventually learnt, after a few crying sessions because my grades "weren't A's". College grades are different from high school ones, so getting a C+, B- or a B is not bad! Based on the difficulty of everything, you have to appreciate that.

YET, remember: YOU ARE MORE THAN A B. As I said, university is when you really have to learn; not get straight A's.
This was something that stressed me out, but whatever it is that stresses you: there's a solution. Just breathe. Listen to music. Go for a walk. Workout. Join a sports team. Clear your mind. Then come back and work a bit harder. If it doesn't work, look for help. You are not alone. You got this!


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For me, every time something didn't workout or I couldn't solve an exercise, I would freak out and close my mind to one thought: this is impossible. How do people do this?. It is so hard.
Yes, it is hard. Super hard.
Yes, you'll have to say no to some things and sit down to study for more hours. You'll have to dedicate more time to everything.
Yes, it feels impossible. BUT IT IS NOT.
The other day I had this dream I had to climb an incredibly tall wall, which was extremely difficult and I feared I would fall and die (sorry but it's true lol). However, in the end, I climbed it. No one died.
Then, I realized that wall was college, and that no matter how hard it can get, with dedication and persistence you can climb it.

Ask for help. Read more books about your subjects. Ask questions. Stop for a while when you're about to explode and then keep going. Enjoy life outside university, sometimes it isn't just about studying. Look for motivational quotes or listen to motivating music.

Good luck to everyone!