Inspired by

1. A - All out of love - Air Supply

Image by Moon lover Image by Moon lover

2. B - Believer - Imagine Dragons

believer, quotes, and wallpaper image aesthetic, blue, and grunge image

3. C - Can't fight this feeling - REO Speedwagon

quotes, sad, and art image classic rock, music, and gif image

4. D - Demons - Imagine Dragons

Inspiring Image on We Heart It demons, Lyrics, and imagine dragons image

5. E - Emperor's new clothes - Panic!At the disco

brendon urie, panic at the disco, and emperors new clothes image brendon urie, panic at the disco, and emperors new clothes image

6. F - Flesh - Simon Curtis

flesh, Hot, and text post image flesh, superhero, and *°* image

7. G - Gangsta's paradise - Coolio

coolio and gangsta's paradise image 2pac, aaliyah, and biggie image

8. H - How you remind me - Nickelback

board, music, and word image black and white, Lyrics, and nickelback image

9. I - Impossible - James Arthur

illusion, mistake, and song image

10. J - Judas - Lady Gaga

Image removed Lady gaga, judas, and gaga image
with Norman Reedus in the music video

11. K - King nothing - Metallica

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, art, and black image

12. L - Lights up - Harry Styles

Image removed Harry Styles, fine line, and lights up image

13. M - Miss you - Louis Tomlinson

Temporarily removed background, miss you, and music image

14. N - Numb - Linkin Park

anime, linkin park, and aesthetic image alternative, hands, and NUMB image

15. O - On my own - Ashes Remain

on my own and ashes remain image Lyrics, music, and on my own image

16. P - Pittsburgh - The amity affliction

pittsburgh, song lyrics, and the amity affliction image aesthetic, alternative, and bands image

17. Q - Quarter past midnight - Bastille

band, song, and bastille image bastille, lyric, and Lyrics image

18. R - Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

imagine dragons, radioactive, and music image Temporarily removed

19. S - Sign of times - Harry Styles

quotes, aesthetic, and red image quotes, aesthetic, and Harry Styles image

20. T - The kids aren't alright - The offspring

aesthetic, alright, and kids image artist, concert, and girl image

21. U - Undead - Hollywood undead

hollywood undead image music and hollywood undead image

22. V - Vendetta - Slipknot

Image removed cool, dark, and man image

23. W - Wanted dead or alive - Bon Jovi

bon jovi image supernatural and bon jovi image

24. X - X-Ray - Rezonate

love, kiss, and skeleton image Temporarily removed

25. Y - Youngblood - 5SOS

Image removed Lyrics, music, and quote image

26. Z - Zombie - Family Force 5

grave, gif, and horror image zombies, zombie, and sign image