hey love,

i don't know about you but i absolutely love horror movies. the thrills, jump scares, demonic creatures, it all really fascinates me. although horror movie are hard to like, for example the movie slenderman, i mean what is that? it's a stupid adaptation of a mythical tall no face like creature that takes children at night. and he wears a suit, you don't have to be formal to be scary. but the conjuring? that's a real horror movie for you. now there's 3 conjuring movies, the conjuring, conjuring 2 and the nun. i'll only be doing the first one but if you like this one enough, let's say up to 200 hearts, i'll do the conjuring 2.

1) the house: let's talk about the house and what it looks like. the house in the movie is a tall two story home and it's very old and meant to be scary because of it's off white color and cracks. although the actual house is more like a farm house, not as tall, and it's one story

Image by rue
the house in the movie
Image by rue
the house in reality

creepy right? especially with all that snow, now this house is actually haunted as well obviously, one of the children who grew up here before moving away because it was so haunted wrote a book about this house and what happened, called 'house of darkness house of light' by andrea perron

2) the family: now at the end of the movie, they show the real family that lived in the home. the parents were roger and carolyn perron, and they had five daughters, nancy, christine, cynthia, april, and andrea perron. in the picture below, the woman on the top are the real daughters and the girls on the bottom are the actresses that played the role of the daughters

Image by rue
the perron family

3) the paranormal investigators: in the movie the paranormal investigators are played by ed and lorraine warren, the actual actors names are patrick wilson and vera farmiga. ed and lorraine were very famous investigators that included the amityville horror investigation as well. unfortunately ed and lorraine warren passed away but lorraine was actually on the set of the movie and helped make some of the scenes look real

Image by rue
ed and lorraine warren

4) who haunts the house: the reason the whole house is haunted is because way back then, in 1863, there was a woman named bathsheba, this woman was married to a farmer judson sherman. when they had a child judson caught bathsheba sacrificing it in front of a fire, she ran to the docks, cursed anyone that took her land, proclaimed her love to satan, and hung herself. bathsheba was also accused of witchcraft as well. she's buried next to her husband in the harrisville cemetary.

Image by rue
bathsheba sherman

5) carrolyn perron: the mother of the five daughters was possesed. the eldest daughter said her mother talked in a demonic voice and was levitated in a chair and thrown across the room. in the movie it looks quite horrific. on the left are the actors, on the right are the actual people

Image by rue
roger and carolyn perron

and that's the conjuring for you. i suggest the movie if you love horror and luckily it's on netflix. many go visit the actual house in rhode island but i wouldn't go near it if you gave me a million dollars. i hope you enjoyed this article and can't sleep at night, jk but if you decide to watch it you won't sleep at night. i hope bathsheba won't grab your feet at night...

bye love,