inspo from @LexiiBb

i wanted to do my own version/take on each character~
this is mostly based on the style they wear in season 3, but there are styles from other seasons.

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girl image fashion, style, and outfit image adidas, fashion, and jean image Image by enola 💕
♡ no. 1 creds to crystagem on tumblr ♡
button up shirts, overalls, white sneakers, prints


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image clothes, aesthetic, and alternative image alternative, shoes, and black image
♡ no. 1 creds to makeuphall on tumblr ♡
stripe tees, polo shirts, long shorts, black shoes


korean fashion, multicolored, and stripes image fashion, jeans, and retro image fashion, outfit, and style image Image by keavy
♡ no. 2 creds to masha_jlynn on ig ♡
bright stripe tees, denim shorts, light yellow, converse


aesthetic, alternative, and quotes image fashion, style, and outfit image backpack, blue, and rainbow image bandana, dark, and model image
♡ no. 3 creds to @SunshineKG
white tees, corduroy jackets, backpacks, bandanas


outfit, fashion, and style image outfit, style, and 90s image aesthetic, inspo, and looks image clothes, outfit, and shorts image
♡ no. 2 and 3 creds to @mingalondon and mingalondon on ig ♡
plaid shirts, puffer jackets, stripes, running shorts


dress, fashion, and girl image shoes, fashion, and girl image belt, outfit, and pants image blogger, chanel, and chanel bag image
♡ no. 1 creds to jpbookbug on pinterest ♡
midi dresses, heels, chunky & statement belts, shoulder bags


Image removed Image removed fashion, girls, and outfit image black, fashion, and style image
black jackets, doc martens, plain tees, suits


fashion, supreme, and jacket image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and jeans image nike, vintage, and retro image
windbreakers, sunglasses, jeans, vintage nike sneakers


90s, aesthetic, and inspo image fashion, paris, and white top image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image bow, headband, and red image
dark blue, red, white, bows


yellow, fashion, and outfit image fashion, hair, and blonde image aesthetic, crystal, and face image aesthetic, kawaii, and my little pony image
♡ no. 4 creds to glowingmagic ♡
bright overalls, scrunchies, face stickers, my little pony


clothes, style, and top image beach, girl, and summer image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
graphic tees, caps, backpacks, beige shorts


bathingsuit, beach, and beauty image aesthetic and aesthetics image jewelry, pearls, and aesthetic image art, girl, and gloss image
♡ no. 1 creds to rayvcamargo on ig and no. 2 edit creds to @babiejoon
neon swimsuits, velvet dresses, pearls, dark pink lips


red image fashion, tommy hilfiger, and jacket image jeans and outfit image fashion, style, and ice cream image
♡ no. 4 creds to @ebxllience
red shorts, denim jackets, jeans, leather jackets


pineapple, summer, and yellow image aesthetic, fashion, and style image fashion, bag, and style image clothes, dress, and shoes image
♡ no. 4 creds to kenzas on ig ♡
hawaiian shirts, jeans, blazers, blue coats


girl, aesthetic, and hair image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, jeans, and sweater image aesthetic, beige, and people image
♡ no. 4 creds to fashionchicknl on pinterest ♡
tees, cardigans, brown, neutrals


Image by 💕👑Unknow👑💕 fashion, yellow, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image Image by -
metal glasses, red and yellow jackets, vests, blue shirts
stranger things, finn wolfhard, and mills image

♡ thank you for taking time to read my article! i hope you feel inspired to dress like the stranger things cast~ ♡

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