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Name: Kim Dae
Stage name: Kimmy
Line: 99
Birthday: 9 of June
Birthplace: Goyang, South Korea
Height: 5’7 (170 cm)

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Min-jung (Line: 03)

Group name: HIIT
Fandom: Peonies
Debut Date: 16 September 2015
Agency: Big Hit Entertainment
Position: Lead Vocalist
Number of the members of the group: 7


Hair: really dark brown nearly black
Eyes: same colour as her hair

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Personality: Kimmy is definitely the most patient of the girls. She’s careful, helpful and generous. Moreover, she’s really strict with herself.

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{Life motto}

“Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.”

{Solo songs}

  • Girl power The title tells everything. Every girl is independent and strong remember.
  • Random Questions Is very unusual because Kimmy who always needs logical answers, is asking herself questions from out of nowhere. Maybe her strictness against herself is going too far and she tries to break through with childish and Random Questions.
  • My Love Shows how much Kimmy cares about her friends, this song is for the other girls, when they were very sad and down because of different things. So Kimmy tells them to don`t worry and comforts them.
  • Chill Baby The concept change hit Kimmy hard. Her overthinking character got changed to a sexy and independent woman. People aren´t that amused about her change and with this song she tells everybody that they should calm down. Her personality won’t change and she will be the same person than before.

{Close Idol Friends}

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Jisoo (Blackpink), Jaehyun (NCT), Beomgyu (TxT), Joy (Red Velvet), Solar (Mamamoo), Hyunjin (Stray Kids), Seonghwa (Ateez) and Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher)

{Best friends}

Kimmys best friends are Jungkook and Juhee. Jungkook makes Kimmy always smile, no matter how bad/down she is.

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Kimmy and V are dating, but they aren’t a couple yet. Lyn and Juhee did their best, to pair them up, because they knew about their feelings for each other.

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{Extra information}

  • Kimmy’s a little nerd and loves to read.
  • She’s very charismatic, one thing V loves about her.
  • Kimmy likes to act. She is getting more and more offers, but singing is more important for her.
  • She always helps V by learning new lyrics or something like that.
  • She loves to go for a walk through the beach or the park
  • She loves to wear Vs clothes and accessories, for example his fake glasses
  • Her puppy “Chung-Ae” is the brother of Vs Yeontan
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Thanks for reading. If you want to know more about the group and the other girls please click the links below. Love you <3