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In this article you´ll find tips on how to take the perfect photo. These are my personal tips that help me and hopefully will help you out.

Hopefully you will find this article helpful and inspirational.

Lets get started!! ♡

1. Prepare

  • Prepare for your photo/photoshoot.
  • Plan everything a head. Plan where would you like to shoot, think about what outfit would you like to wear, what kind of makeup would you like to have.
  • Thinking everything a head will help you prepare and you will feel more comfortable knowing what you want.
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2. Lightning

  • Make sure that the lightning is good.
  • I find having a good lightning super important. If the lightning will not be good it will be hard to take a photo that you will like.
  • Natural light is the best light
  • I personally like to always take one photo to check if i like the lightning and background.
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3. Location and background

  • Think about the location and what background you would like.
  • For example are you shooting an outfit and you would like to have a plane wall as a background or you would like to shoot indoors for example in a café.
  • For location inspiration i recommend to take a look at instagram location search and see what others have come up with.
  • Come earlier to the location if you want to shoot with less people around.
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4. Pose

  • Don´t stand on one place, move around.
  • Try different poses.
  • Find your best angle
  • Do movements that you would naturally do. ♡
  • Find photo ideas to recreate on We Heart It, Pinterest or for example Instagram.
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5. Have fun ♡

  • Most important is that you feel comfortable when shooting. So just relax and enjoy your time. Be creative and have fun.
  • If you feel shy or uncomfortable taking photos, it’s absolutely okay. The more you take photos the more comfortable you will feel in front of the camera. ♡
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Thank you for reading. Enjoy your time and have fun while taking photos.♡ Have a lovely day! 😘

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