Day 16

Is your character in a relationship? If yes, describe the personality and appearance of her boyfriend. If not, explain if she has a crush, has an ex or simply doesn't want to be in a relationship.

Yes, Meg is in a relationship since last summer. She met her boyfriend Thomas Parker during one of Archieโ€™s concerts. Tom is the drummer in Archieโ€™s band and a good friend of him and Tony. During that concert Tom couldnโ€™t take his eyes off Meg who was standing in the first row. Later that night Archie introduced Meg to Tom and they immediately felt connected with another.

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After they saw each other a couple of times during concerts or meetings with the clique, Tom finally found the courage to ask Meg for a date.

Tom has brown hair, green and grey eyes and a lighter skin.

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He likes wearing simple clothes, jeans- or leatherjackets and prefers dark colours.

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Even though Thomas looks quite inconspicuous he has a kind of dark past. He was involved in a couple of fights and felt in the pattern of a bad boy. Since than he always had the feeling that he could never change his life and mindset. But after he met Meg, everything changed. She forced him to stay away from trouble and to concentrate on his music.

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And even if he has his bad days and sometimes struggles with his uncontrollable thoughts, Meg always manages to calm him down โ€“ one to the many reasons why he loves her. He knows about Megโ€™s double-life but doesnโ€™t judge it because he knows exactly who the girl really is, he fell in love with โ€“ dressed in her favourite clothes and a leather jacket, a kind smile and wild eyes.

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Day 17

What is your character's signature quote? What's the reaction of her friends around her when she says it?

โ€œDonโ€™t worry. It will all look ridiculous in a few years anyway.โ€
Even though Meg uses this quote only around her male-friends it kinda became her signature quote. She always uses it whenever one of the boys comes up with a crazy stupid idea and the other boys are sceptical if this will make them look ridiculous stupid. And Meg almost always convinces the boys to this crazy stupid thing.

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This is all for day sixteen and seventeen. Thank you so much for reading my article and I really hope you liked it. See you on Thursday.

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