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let's admit it: summer is fun, but often we end up going to sleep very late every single day and laying on the couch all day, ending up bored and moody. here's what i do to prevent feeling like this!

keeping up with my usual routine

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but without the rush. it's extremely important to keep doing what you usually do: get up, shower, have breakfast. the really nice thing is that you don't have to rush to school or work, so you have more time to actually take care of yourself!

meeting friends, even if i don't want to

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this might be just me, but laziness makes me even more lazy, and social life gets hurt by it. since i will feel down and moody after not meeting people for a long time, whenever my friends want to go out, i will even though i'm feeling to lazy; this keeps me sane

doing things i haven't had time to do

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there are so many new things i want to try, but during the year i have to study, work, go to sport practice... there's just no time to do everything. summer is perfect to finally read that book i wanted to read or cook that dish that takes 3 hours to make!

sleeping in, but not too much

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i usually wake up at 6:30am when i go to uni. during summer, i try hard to still go to sleep by midnight, and wake up at 8-9:00am. of course i will just sleep until 11am or go to sleep very late sometimes, but i try to keep it under control, or i'll feel moody all day long

planning meals and eating healthy

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it's easy for me to over-eat out of boredom during summer, so i always plan my meals. i'm also care a lot about healthy eating so lots of fruit and veggies!

making a bucket list

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i always have a bucket list of things i want to do during summer. my bucket list has always realistic things on it (picnic with friends, going to a museum, going to the beach etc), and i try to cross one off at least once a week; this way i'm sure i'm actually doing something during summer holidays

working out

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i'm a sporty person and have always done sports, so i just can't sit still for a whole season. i make sure i work out (often it's just running!) at least 2-3 times a week; if not, i try to walk a lot. this way i release all that energy that gets stored after days of sitting on the couch