Inspired by

1. Actress

actress, aesthetic, and beauty image winona ryder, 90s, and actress image 00s, 90s, and jessica alba image actress, american, and beauty image
It's my dream since I was little kid and I still want it sooo much

2. Writer

book, aesthetic, and writing image girl, book, and aesthetic image vintage, aesthetic, and college image aesthetic, grey, and quote image
This is the thing I love. I feel it in me, I'm in love with words, other worlds and I'm so happy with my imagination. I write every day.

3. Surgeon

Abusive image bones, skeleton, and art image aesthetic and doctor image Abusive image
Okay, yes, it's because of "Grey's Anatomy" and a tv show has nothing to do with reality but still, let me dream

4. Bookseller

book image book, bookshop, and vintage image book, reading, and aesthetic image books, bookshop, and bookstore image
Books are magic

P.S. - I study law. It's not my dream job, but I can't say I don't like it.