My SkinCare doesn't change a lot from the morning one. Same steps, but some products may change or may not.

Before we start, please read the previous routine I did because I won't repeat the steps I talked about before.

I mostly start my night SkinCare routine around 8pm / 20h which leaves the time for everything to sink in before I sleep.

Taking makeup off

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I start by using wipes on my eyes first of all. As said on my Daily Makeup Routine article, the only makeup I wear daily is Concealer, Mascara and Lipstick.
I use The Gently Does It wipes from Primark. They are made for sensitive skin and they don't hurt me when I use them, plus they do their job perfectly.

The other steps follow the morning routine until the Serum. After that, it's my night cream time

Night Cream

I change the night cream depending on how is my face, or the period I am in.

  • When I am stressed or if It's bloody time
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I know I will get new pimples in those periods, and using Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% from The Ordinary
It actually dries out every new pimple trying to join the party on my face and even though it's a cream, it has a powdery finish.

Be careful in the combinations which means with which serum are you using under it because it can either makes you break out of won't work at all. All information about the product combinaison can be found on The Ordinary Website
  • The Other normal days
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Since the Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% dies my face out more than what it's already is, rich cream or an oil was a must have on my routine that I do switch with the previous one.
Most Rich creams did make me break out, even somes of the oils I used like Jojoba and Argan (examples from many I used)

The only way I can use oils is by mixing it with creams

I mix my Moistrizer Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA with few drops of 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil both from The Ordinary and I take my time to massage it on my face.

I, then, Follow up with my EyeCare and LipCare just like my morning routine

Spot Treatment

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Even if you don't have Perfect Skin there is this one ... two ... twenty spot on your face that you want to pop out. That is a big NO.
It will only leaves scars that may never disapear.

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The best local treatment for them is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I take some of the power at the bottom of the bottle with a cotton-tipped swab and apply it on any upcoming or already moving in pimple

Never shake the bottle !


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Masks deserve an full article in the subject because I Don't use masks daily. But along the week, I use 3 or 4 different masks. I want to take the time to explain why I use a certain mask and how I use others.

The mask Article is finally out


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HairCare definitly goes along with the article's subject because I treat my "Hair's skin" But I want to make a whole article about the subject that I will link here later

HairCare Routine finally out
You can check my other articles as well

See you around guys !

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I hope you guys enjoyed it