Name : Lizana Bowie
Blood status : half-blood
zodiac sign : virgo


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Her mom was in Ravenclaw but her dream was to be in Slytherin. She steals Slytherin outfits and pretends to be in this house. She's not very friend with the students in Gryffindor.


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Always reading. She's very altruistic but she thinks a lot.


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A black cat named Salem, yes, like Sabrina


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Luna Lovegood, Cedric Diggory, Dean Thomas and Pansy Parkinson are her friends. She is very often with Dean and Pansy, but she was a good friend of Cedric before he dies. Luna is kind of her best friend.


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Sh'es deeply in love with him, she looks at him all the time in class. He pretends to hate her because sh'es a Gryffindor but he's in love with her.


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Severus Snape because he's a Slytherin and Remus Lupin because he's cute and helped her a lot.


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Library and the room of requirement


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