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so i continue my little research about skz lyrics with "i am WHO" album which are really special for me because i became stay during this era


I am WHO
What’s the reason for my real existence...
This is the world's answer but it's not the answer that I want
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another great intro where whole lyrics just amazing

My Pace

Going ahead doesn’t mean you’re going to get there first, Baby
Look at it from afar, Take your time
There’s no need to rush, My Pace
Don’t compare yourself with others
It’s okay to run slower
Just follow my lane, My lane
Take it easy
Just look ahead and run
You ready, Let’s go
I don't know where my destination is yet
I don't know
I don’t know how I’d look like at the finish line, I want to know
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It's so noisy now I don't wanna hear no more
Hopeless nonsense, I will not be cheated by these talks anymore uh
I'm curious, just talk about it shamelessly I'll just continue yawning
Why are you only saying that speakers, increasing your tone, raising your voice
I don't care anymore, don't care no more, that's enough just give me a break
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wow it hurts


I'm still young so I don't know what I want to do
Stop saying 'don't do it', it's make me want to do it more...
Who am I, what do I want?
I'm curious about who I am
The me in the picture I uploaded last night
In reality, I question which one of those is the real me...
Inside my head too many questions
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In the dark night when everyone's asleep
I have countless thoughts, I can't sleep...
Even after crumpling my blanket
After screaming it out, I'm still awake again...
I just want you to know
I can't take it anymore
When I should sleep, I can't sleep
So tell me now
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It's not a bad thing but there's something awkward about you, like
You're not being you, like the past you, I miss that
Since you've changed your outlook
Somewhere it's just different
It can be seen
No matter how you try to hide it
Like you followed what others say
It's awkward with you...
I can see it all, your awkward smile which isn't like you
I'm getting more worried for you who was so bright...
Relax a little, put down the trivial thoughts
I'm just worried so I'm saying it, why are you glaring again?...
I must see it again, I will see it again
The bright side of you that I know
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Awkward Silence

Stop with that dark expression on that bright face
This down mood, it doesn't fit...
Why are you looking so sad now
Let's smile and let the wrinkles form
Honestly, smiling past through this everyday
Doesn't seem enough, let's not play with emotions
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my best life decision was to stan stray kids and during making those articles i make sure in it more and more

and it was my third article from this seria. if you are intrested in this idea stay tuned for next

lyrics of "mixtape 2" i will add in article about "clé 2: yellow wood"

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