A Color

Image by 🧚‍♀️кαу 🧜‍♀️ blue, aesthetic, and baby blue image

An Animal

Image by Raghad Al-Zoubi Image by Raghad Al-Zoubi

A season

aesthetic, nature, and flowers image Image removed
the charming summer

An element

aesthetic, water, and theme image waves, ocean, and sea image
the innocent water

A city

city, aesthetic, and theme image travel, city, and sea image
Venice or Rome

Time of Day

city, black, and aesthetic image city, light, and night image
Nighttime..it's just so calm in my opinion


book, calm, and green image Image by Hano 🦋


vintage, wallpaper, and white image flowers image
Lillies and cherryblossoms


girl, pearl, and strawberry image breakfast, chocolate, and delicious image


Image by ♡ K A T I A ♡ food, fries, and cheese image
French fries

A view

beautiful, blue, and carefree image nature, travel, and italy image
Ocean/lake or garden

A drink

aesthetic, cherry, and drink image Image removed chips, chocolate, and delicious image
Hard to chooose

A song

quotes, imagine, and wallpaper image aesthetic, blue, and couple image
Imagine- Ariana Grande

An Album

Image by camilla5🆘️ grunge, band, and tumblr image

A movie

the duff, movie, and robbie amell image Image removed

A tv show

svu image law and order svu, nypd, and police image

A piece of clothing

girl, bape, and clothes image bape, designer, and eyes image champion, fashion, and style image fashion, neon, and outfit image

An accessory

fashion, accessories, and jewelry image pearls, girl, and necklace image

An body part

body, jewelry, and necklace image boobs, bras, and girl image
might seem weird but the breast

A tattoo(s)

grunge, soft, and Tattoos image hip, pelvis, and dragon image tattoo, rose, and flowers image live, tatuagem, and tumblr image

Thats it!!~

Bye for now~💕