⇢ favourite male character

beautiful, blankets, and tumblr image blue, aesthetic, and school image coco, disney, and film image spider image
spiderman hehe ^-^
Temporarily removed Image by stark from winterfell Mature image Mature image

⇢ favourite female character

Marvel, Avengers, and scarlet witch image aesthetic, scarlet, and scarlet witch image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, gryffindor, and red image
wanda/scarlet witch
alternative, blue, and books image flowers image instagram, zendaya, and cute image quotes, beautiful, and words image
michelle "mj" jones

⇢ favourite avenger movie

Avengers, gif, and quicksilver image
age of ultron

⇢ favourite marvel movie

spiderman and peter parker image couple, goals, and spiderman image tom holland, spiderman, and peter parker image iron man, Marvel, and spiderman image
spiderman: far from home

⇢ favourite power

scarlet witch, Marvel, and wanda maximoff image scarlet witch, Avengers, and Marvel image