hello y'all.

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it's me
your bitch
i never realised how fake i am in these articles being all cute and drink water and everything will be okay

and sure, drinking water is important and shit but let's keep it real
it doesn't solve all of your problems
so imma say something
not a big shocker
i've got depression
and i've got anxiety
it's soooooo much fun.

like really guys hmu let's talk about how amazing that is.
anyways enough of that
i don't need pity or sympathy etc
yuh it's shitty but what isn't
i'm here because i want to give you a list of things that either calm me down whenever anxiety hits or keep me distracted from depression.
let's talk.


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now i know that when you're depressed you don't want to get up at all. oh trust me i know. but. if you have at least a little tiny bit of energy in you to get up and take a shower, trust me; it helps. whatever you prefer, a boiling hot water that literally burns your skin, that's fine. if you prefer an ice cold shower that feels like snow on your skin, that's okay too. let the water rinse your body and make you feel like a different person

skincare routine

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okay, so if you have some energy to clean your face or do a face mask, try it out. you can buy some funny ones or the ones that make your face smell like flowers or the ones that after you use them, your face feels like silk, whatever you fancy. if you can invite a friend, that's an advantage.

sing LOUD

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now when it comes to listening to music, it's a bit of a problem for me. mostly because it makes me overthink even more when it just plays in the background. that's why i recommend singing. it might be because i love singing, but honestly you don't need to have a talent(i really don't). just feel the music, scream the lyrics out, hit those high notes. you can lie on your floor or sing through the window or dance crazily around the room or house, up to you. bonus points if it's hard rock or powerful music from musicals or etc that makes you feel like you're in a teen movie.

watch simple tv series

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i guess watching a tv series or a movie is already a known way but. watch something simple, fun and cute. it can be a movie that you have seen a thousand times and know every line and moment or a tv series with your otp, anything you wish. my personal favourites would be gilmore girls, love,simon, alex strangelove, glee, sex education.

youTUBE !

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okay, this is a simple one. watch freaking youtube. but don't watch random things that pop up, watch your favourite youtubers that make you laugh and smile no matter what they upload. watch every video they have ever uploaded. a big big recommendation from me would be jordan cunningham(really really helps me whenever i'm feeling anxious or depressed and a cutie), any vlogs with friends(i like to watch zoella or mark ferris' vlogs with each other), dylan is in trouble(literally SO funny) or conan gray(such a sweetheart and has a very calming vids).

sleeping !!

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very obvious one, but. fall asleep. if you feel like there's nothing to help you, just close your eyes, lie back and enjoy the darkness. if you can't stop overthinking etc, play your fave tv series in the bacground. that really helps me out.

don't let there be silence

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i noticed that no one talks about this. for me it makes a huge difference when it's quiet. i overthink about ten times more than i would when there's at little outside noises or a movie playing in the tv. you don't need to listen to it really, just let there be some type of noise, so you don't feel as lonely.

cry, lots

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the best one. i personally can't force myself to cry even though i want to it. but try; think of something that ALWAYS makes you cry. a video, a film, a message, a memory. it will hurt, but crying helps you get it all out easily without physically hurting yourself(don't do it !!!please).

alright, i think that's enough of that
i'm always cheesy writing these but i think we all need that
also don't worry about me, i'm used to all that

but, if anyone wants to talk, message me, i'll answer for sure.
and also2 remember to eat and drink

stay stafe little berries ; take care of yourselves

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