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Because who doesn't love Disney?

Lets Begin!

Favourite Princess

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Snow White

Favourite Prince

disney, tangled, and rapunzel image disney image
Flynn Ryder

Favourite Character

disney, wendy, and peter pan image peter pan, disney, and screaming image
Wendy from Peter Pan

Favourite Location

peter pan image disney, fantasy, and flyers image

Favourite Couple

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Rapunzel / Flynn

Favourite Villain

disney, sleeping beauty, and maleficent image disney, maleficent, and sleeping beauty image

Favourite Childhood Movie

magic, cartoons, and clock image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Peter Pan

Favourite Live Action Movie

beautiful, dress, and gown image beauty and the beast, disney, and love image
Beauty and the Beast

Favourite Pixar Movie

disney and finding dory image anime, pixar, and turtle image
Finding Dory

Favourite Song

disney, gif, and hero image princesas, wallpaper, and mulan image
Reflection from Mulan

Favourite Villain Song

disney, rapunzel, and tangled image tangled, disney, and max image
Mother knows best by Mother Gothel from Rapunzel

Favourite Couple Song

disney, tangled, and wallpaper image disney, tangled, and rapunzel image
I see the light

Favourite Soundtrack

disney image disney and mulan image
Mulan (I mean, "Make a man out of you is a bop!)

Favourite Sidekick

mulan, disney, and cartoon image aesthetic, asia, and disney image

Favourite Quote

hercules, disney, and megara image disney and hercules image
"A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart." — Hercules, Hercules

Favourite Outfit - Elsa

disney image frozen, elsa, and disney image
Elsa's. That cape tho.

xoxo Nizzie