Soo hello lovely people, it is time to share details about my girls trip to spain this summer, that acutally starts in two weeks!
I have already been to Spain with my best friend last year and it was the best time i ever had!
So this year i am going aggain but this time there are way more friends of mine coming with us...don't know how to feel about that, because some of them can be really shady sometimes. The place we are going to is Lloret de mar, if ou did not already heard about that: it is like a spring break place where people that graduated highschool go to and party all the time.

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Everyone dresses nice and sexy and last year i did not care about how deep my shirt was cut or how short my dress was, because i did not knew one person in the club anyway. Just strangers. Now my friends from school come too and they are slutshaming - not the boys - they are mainly cool and don't care - but the girls, puuh they can be horrible and make you feel bad.

my favourite drink was Vodka soda, sooo delish! And i also loved the tequila shots. One note to keep in mind - do not drink too much to quick, you will feel horrible and the next day you are not able to go out of bed. (In Europe drinking alkohol is allowed since your 16th birthday.

We are going by bus and the last trip was a disaster. The aircondition was so turned on it waas freezing. And the ride was 16 hours long. Every 3 hours you have to make a stop, and because we were driving overnight i wanted to sleep. did not work out cause the bus driver yelled!!! in the microphone to wake us up so that we all can go to the toilet at the stop and don't use the toilet in the bus.

So clubbing is fun but getting ready is my favourite. Drinking and doing make-up with my girlfriends is soo much fun. Picking an outfit (of my limited wardrobe...) and feeling great - best thing in the world. I'm sharing my room with three other girls, my best friends! But two of them, that used to be best friends, aren't friends anymore, that could be a problem. But recently we have been at a festival together nd it worked out quite okay. So i hope it will to in Spain when we go together.

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