Tips on how to study 2 hours a new language | korean .....
(you can also use that tips for some school subjects)

Watch videos on YouTube or on another site about Korean alphabet and grammar.
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30 minutes
Take study breaks: Drink water or a coffee; Eat fruit...
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5 minutes
Write a summary of the lessons you watched on YouTube.
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25 minutes
Take study breaks: Drink water; Eat some candy...
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5 minutes
Take maximum lessons possible but don't exaggerate. The lessons are to fix what you've learned and this is very important.
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30 minutes
Take study breaks: Drink water or juice; Meditate for 5 minutes; relax; Eat something you like...
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5 minutes
I love flashcards. I don't recommend using apps, I like to use the papers... Every vocabulary you've acquired during classes, you can write in the flashcard and memory them. In one day 6 words is enough. You can also use post it to write longer sentences that you can use in day to day.
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20 minutes


You don't need to do that the whole week, So here are some tips to improve your foreign languages skills:
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Read books & articles; Use Social Media; Watch TV shows and movies with subtitles; Listen to music; Start writing; Use apps.

I hope you enjoy ♡