Hello! Today, we are writing an article about celebrities and hair. We really love writing this type of articles, so we decided to show you the best hair colors from 10 celebrities. We hope you'll enjoy this article!

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Billie Eilish - Light blue hair
background, blue hair, and brand image blue hair, celebrity, and fashion image
Olivia O'Brien - Purple hair
Image removed Image removed
Bea Miller - Pink hair
aesthetic, aurora, and pink hair image bea miller image
Demi Lovato - Red hair
demi lovato, fashion, and hat image demi lovato and demi image
Iggy Azalea - Grey ombre hair
Image removed azalea, dress, and goals image
Kylie Jenner - Yellow hair
green image curves, dress, and goals image
Melanie Martinez - Split hair
hair, short hair, and soft pink image bangs, cabelo, and hair image
Halsey - Bright blue hair
halsey, blue, and hair image halsey, red, and hair image
Kehlani - Red hair
beauty, blue, and fashion image goals, outfit, and red image
SZA - Green hair
black girl, celebrity, and ctrl image green hair, black girl, and celebrity image


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