With the rise of social media, we have non-stop information about people’s life. This constant torrent of Instagram’s guru eating grains, living on the beach and looking like they came out of a Barbie box makes us feel like we, common human, have a senseless life. I mean, after comparing yourself to this “people” (which we all try to not do but do anyway) you might feel like your life is not as awesome as you thought.

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But I am going to point something here: how could you feed yourself with only grains, fruits and vegetables? Don’t you know chocolate and peanut butter? How could you spend your time on the beach doing yoga? Don’t you know Netflix? It seems impossible to live so healthily, right?

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We only show what we want on those platforms. If everybody showed what they daily life was truly looking like, Instagram’s feed will not look that good full of junk foods (it is still looks good though) and people doing their laundry. Not that glamorous right?

You cannot look like this people because they do not even look like that, they are just part of an imaginary world let’s say, a utopia.

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Trying to be less dependent over this imaginary world is something we should all try to do. Trying to look like something that is not attainable, that does not exist really harm your mental and physical health.
Unfollow people who do not make you feel happy. People who you cannot stop yourself comparing to. Fill your feed with positive energy, people that genuinely make you feel happy and empowered.

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I know how hard it can be to not be as much on social media. I personally always feel like I’m missing out on something if I’m not on social media. But what we are missing out is our life if we constantly live in this digital world.

Hope you’ll have a beautiful day, night and life.
Lots of love, Naomi.