snow, winter, and finland image
- Sleep
luxury, rich, and ​louisvuitton image
-Take a nap
girl, orange, and makeup image
- Try new makeup styles
couple, love, and cinema image
- Watch a movie / series
girl, nails, and tattoo image
- Do you nails
animal, dog, and pet image
- Play with your pet
book image
- Read a book / magazine
food, pancakes, and strawberry image
- Bake something
food, healthy, and fitness image
- Prepare a meal for yourself
book, coffee, and study image
- Do your homework
diary, notes, and one line a day image
- Write in your diary
bullet journal, green, and bujo image
- Start a journal / bullet journal
beauty, boy, and phone image
- Call someone
art, russia, and flowers image
- Draw or paint something
girl, aesthetic, and fashion image
- Braid your hair or learn new hairstyles
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-Organise something (phone, room, clothes etc.)
fashion, clothes, and luxury image
- Clean
aesthetic, red, and vintage image
- Find new music
pink, bag, and shopping image
- Do online shopping
Image by Blippy
-Take a bath
girl, friends, and fashion image
-Be with your friends