Part ①:

1. A Month

fall, rain, and trees image girl, sad, and black image
October when I'm sad...
camera, dutch, and er image aesthetic, japan, and cherry blossoms image
...April when I'm happy

2. Accessory

Image by Happyshappy

3. An Album

singer-songwriter image Image by arzu
FROOT - Marina

4. A Fruit (ah, how fitting lol)

fruit, kiwi, and food image kiwi, fruit, and food image

5. A View

city, travel, and aesthetic image Image removed
New York

6. Mythological Creature

Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️ badass, gif, and pretty image

7. Country

beautiful, summer, and love image Greece, travel, and trip image

8. Sport

lacoste, tennis, and vintage image blue, sports, and wallpaper image

9. Disney Princess

girl, hair, and beauty image Temporarily removed
Appearance - Snow White
flowers, braid, and hair image light, night, and water image
Character - Rapunzel

10. A Feeling

radio, vintage, and retro image quote image

thank you🌙