hiiii, thought I'd do that kind of article too, because I saw it a LOT of those on here and I really thinks it's an awesome thing, because I wanna get to know some new people too :) maybe we can be friends? xx

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ok but first of all some random facts about me:
- my name is Jonah, I'm a boy, 17 years old, blonde and tall from Germany
- I support and am LGBTQ+ (i'm bi)
- I have a little touch of of the feminine side
- I love music (indie and alternative) and writing
- my character is very humourous, I joke a lot :) but I also am very honest and say what's on my mind/ what I think
- my idols are tom holland and ariana grande

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small anecdote:
I love every person that is kind and doesn't judge. I don't care if you're a boy or a girl, I just hope we can build a good connection, talk about anything, whenever we're not feeling good, alwas have an open ear for each other, have fun and just enjoy each others company xx

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ok so if you like what you got to know about me so far, don't be afraid to contact me on my insta: @jonah.gb
I'll reply asap, ok luv you all bye! xoxo