Does your character have siblings? If yes, does he/she share his/her room with them? If not, mention if he/she would like to have. Also, does your character live with his/her parents?

Zoey Elizabeth Harrison

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Here is Lara's little stepsister Zoey. She's big sleeper just like her big sister.
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Zoey is daughter of Lara's father. Lara loves Zoey so much and they do many things together. For example drawing or cooking. Zoey loves when her big sister's taking photo of her. She is her little model. Zoey is very cute, very nice and very smart baby girl.

Zoey loves cooking, drawing and swimming. She can swim since she was just a toddler.

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Age: 4 years old
Birthday: 6th April 2015
Zodiac: Aries
Living: Columbus, Ohio USA

Another sibilng

When Lara was in school her dad texted her. He texted her that her stepmother is pregnat again. They think it will be another girl and Lara and Zoey are so happy for it.
This baby should be born in November.

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