NAME:Hope Mccall
Alias:little sister(by Scott)bunny(by Stiles)little mccall/evil mccall


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Rafael Mccall:father
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Melissa Mccall:mother
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Scott Mccall:older brother by just one year who loves her so so much,but hate that they are in the same year at school
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Stiles Stilinski:brother


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Alison Argent and Lydia Martin:sisters
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Malia Tate:from hate to love,best friend/sister
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Kira,Liam,Theo and Mason


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werejaguar,she can shift in the animal form too.


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studying,hanging out with her friends,being the coach finstock assistent,and taking care of herself


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she enter in season 2

When she was just four years old and Scott just five,their parents divorced.Hope went whit their father at Boston while Scott has stayed in Beacon Hills with thei mother.She started school one year early,thats why she is in Scott and Stiles year;because her father couldn't keep her at home alone.At her first year of high school she met a man named Derek and even if she was younger they had started to see each other until Derek uncle has bitten Hope in the neck.Hope become a werejaguar and, like Derek had told her,she went back to Beacon Hills.
Here like in Boston she was the best student of the school,she helped the coach of lacrosse to observe her brother closely and after she saved Scott and Stiles from Derek,Erica,Isaac and Boyde they told the truth to each other.


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season 2-3

Isaac Lahey:first love,first boyfriedn and heartbreak after he leaves with Allison father

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season 4-5

Brett Talbot:boyfriend,decessed

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season 6 and later on

Derek Hale:boyfriend,husband and father of her children:Talia Hale,Laura Hale like Derek mother and sister,and Brett Hale.
They went to live near Beacon Hills in a house near the woods so the kids could run free in their animals forms.