hi everybody, this is a list of things that i plan to do this summer!

spend less time on my phone

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this is a thing i wanted to do for a loong time and since it's summer i want to enjoy this time and forget my phone once and for all!

take a lot of pictures and buy a polaroid

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i have always been the one who took pictures of everything. It's a thing that i love to do!

learn to cook some dishes

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it's so fun.

write more articles

I've been inactive for a lot of time and i forgot how relaxing was to write an article.

watch all the Harry Potter Saga

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i watched just one of all the harry potter movies (when i was little) and i kinda liked it, so i'm gonna watch them all.

take care of myself

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I want to start taking care of my skin more.

see new places

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i want to explore my country as much as i can!



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