9 a.m

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Usually I wake up with the strong July sun right on my face, which is a sign for me to start doing my breakfast. In a normal day, I would check what fruits I have at home and eat them while reading a few pages of a book and enjoy the rays of sun

10 a.m

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Later, I got to the market to pick up a few groceries I'll need for the next days and go for a little walk, so i can feel the town vibes and wake up a little more

11 a.m

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After picking up whatever is needed from the market, I go home, put my swimsuit on and go for a swim in a small pier just by my home and refresh myself from the burning sun.

12 p.m - 1 p.m

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I have lunch at the pier while i watch the small boats that anchor in it and look at the clean water making small waves and relax for a bit

2 p.m - 3 p.m

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After swimming and lunching by the sun, I get tired and decide to nap after reading another few pages of the book

4 p.m

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When I wake up, I decide to call my friend inviting her to go the beach together, have a small snack there and swim for a while, as the sun rays aren't as strong and the water is warmer and calmer

5 p.m

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Then we meet up with a few more friends and have a snack at a peaceful café in the town. We talk about our day and have coffee and croissants

6 p.m - 7p.m

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It's time for me to do some house tasks such as picking up fruit from the trees, clean up the house, throw the garbage away... or just relax at the small tank in my home by myself or with a friend if i don't have any tasks to do. It's also time for me to dress up for a calm dinner by the sea with my friends

8 p.m - 9 p.m

travel, summer, and sea image food, wine, and drink image drink, aesthetic, and strawberry image Image by tenderlygirl
I arrive at the restaurant and contemplate the sunset by the calm sea. I eat pasta, or olives, or whatever I feel like, and I drink wine while I happily talk with everybody about everything. After this i go back home and sleep until the sun is back at the sky to wake me up.

hope you enjoyed xx