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In one of my last article I told you about travel diaries. Now, I will explain how you can create yours!

I’m a French girl who writes in English to practice so if you find some mistakes in this article, tell me and let’s begin!

Before and during your trip

Find a notebook

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That’s the first step, but one of the most important. You have to find a notebook that you like, that will give you joy when you will see it. I think that the best travel diaries only have blank pages, or with dots.


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When you visit some places, keep the entrance ticket. It will be useful for your diary!

Take Pictures

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The best pictures for travel diaries are Polaroïd pictures! But if you don’t have one, you can print the ones that you prefer and it will be perfect.

Take notes

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When you have some time, you can write down on your phone or on a paper what you did during the day or the previous day. It will help you when you will have to do you diary!

After your vacations

Now that you have all you need for you diary, you can start to decorate and write it!


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You have to decide if you take a page for a day, or maybe a page for an activity… You decide! Then you determine where you will put your pictures, your tickets…


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I don’t think that you have to buy a lot of things for your travel diary. Personally, I use some paint and pens that I already had at home, so search in your house and you will certainly find things that will be useful!

Pages ideas

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In your travel diary you can of course write what you did during your holidays, but also things that make you think to this trip : playlists, quotes…

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That’s all for my article! I hope you liked it and that it will help you to create your diary. You can find some inspiration on we heart it if you don’t Knox how to present your diary, but don’t forget that it’s yours so make it personal!



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