Hey loves!
A one new fact about me - that I LOVE travelling! And a week ago I was visiting London! And I thought, that I need to write a guide or just my travel plan for you guys!

I was staying in London for three and a half days - from early Thursday morning to Sunday lunch. Our flight back was in the evening, but we came to the airport earlier.
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I was travelling with my mum, 'cause my dad was at home with our doggy and my sister was in a summer camp. Our flight was about two hours long.

First day

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First our stop after flight was Peggy Porschen cakes. Here we ordered a piece of Berry Burst & 'Elderfleur' Cake, Floral Lemon & Raspberry Tartlet, hot chocolate for me and cappuccino for my mum. Desserts were REALLY good, but we're not very sure about drinks. Hot choco was OK, but the taste was really low and the cappuccino was sour. I don't know how, but it was. I very wanted to drink The Summer Berry Iced Tea, but waitress said that it isn't available that day. At the all We loved that cafe!
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Next we visited Natural History Museum. It was very good and interesting!
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Victoria and Albert Museum was really good too! I'm interesting in arts, if you are - it's perfect museum for ya! Oh, and I didn't mention that all museums are free for everyone.
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After museums we went to the city center and took a look of Houses of Parliament and a Big Ben. For our sadness Big Ben is renovating now, but Houses of Parliament was absolutely gorgeous!
And when we were very tired after a long day. So we went to the our hotel. It was really stupid travel to hotel and I won't tell you a story of it, 'cause it's really long, but yeah. Also we ate dinner in Itsu. All day we traveled on the foot.
Whole travel time we were staying in Novotel London Tower Bridge hotel. It was absolutely stunning! The breakfast was amazing, beautiful room and great location - you can see Tower Bridge from your room window!

Second day

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After wonderful breakfast I and my mum walked to the Sky Garden. The trip was about 10 minutes on foot, 'cause it's near our hotel. Sky Garden it's a London's highest pubic garden in thirty fifth floor of VERY BIG skyscraper. That a gorgeous view! You can see all centre of London, there's a nice jungles/garden and also there's a restaurant!

Next spot was Madam Tussauds museum! Loved it! Before this I was In Madam Tussauds museum maybe two or three times in other cities, but I really wanted to visit it in London, 'cause Madam Tussauds museum in London was first! A lot of people, so looks difficult to take photos, but it wasn't. ;)

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Also that day we visited Oxford street. It's a HUGE street of shops, restaurants and other stuff like this. We ate also here, I can't remember the name of that place, but we ate a classic English dish - Fish and Chips.

Third day

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First that day we visited Buckingham Palace. It was awesome! So pretty, so gorgeous! Also, by accident we saw a guards changing. That's a interesting thing!

It was a Saturday, July 6 - the Pride day. Uh, HUGE event! So, it was very hard to walk, 'cause everywhere was a lot of people...

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Next we visited Picadilly Circus.
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Also we visited Magnum shop! It was so fun. We created our own ice cream (these in photo aren't ours), where were a different rooms to take awesome photos!
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Also we went to the Chinese town. It's in a city centre and we found it by accident :D Very good atmosphere here!

We ate in Spaghetti house. Very good food! I can highly recommend it for u!

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Trafalgar Square was stunning! Very pretty place to visit.

Fourth day
In the fourth day we visited city centre for the last time. After maybe two hours here we went to the airport with a bus. And had a flight home!

Our travel was done! Hope you liked my London article <3


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