hi and welcome to my whi page ! this is my first ever article and I'm sure there will be more to come ! this article will be about me so you guys can get to know me a little bit more ! I won't be exposing any personal details but feel free to dm me anytime !

so here are some facts about me !!

1. my name is siena
2. I currently live in Australia
3. my fav colours are black, grey and white
4. my dream job is to become a successful architect, fashion designer or a model (but I'm not good enough for that lol)
5. my birthday is on the 7th of September
6. I am a virgo
7. I have two brothers, an older and younger
8. I enjoy drawing, reading and styling clothing
9. I stan ariana grande and the ace family
10. i love to write articles/blogs but I've never published one before
11. eleven is my fav number
12. I want to move to New York in the future
13. I love winter and summer but can never choose between them
14. my fav movies are the Harry Potter series, the MCU movies and the John Wick series
15. I truly believe in diversity
16. my clothing style is very street style meets baddie
17. fashion designing is a common thing in my life
18. I love keeping up with my health (article ideas?)
19. I like to photo edit (overlays)
20. i've never had a pet before

that is 20 facts about me and make sure to keep a look out for more articles in the near future !!

- s 🌪