It is not easy to have to get up and look at ourselves in the mirror and see that we have pimples on our faces, but calmly, here everything in that life is solved:

So pay attention

1.- TAKE A LOT OF WATER💦, this will definitely help you cleanse your whole body and if you are a beautiful one who does not love water very much, you can put a few slices of lemon, cucumber or some mint leaves🍃, they do not know what deli and refrescante.😍

2.- DO NOT USE ANYTHING, your skin is unique and not all the wonder products that promise beautiful skin have what you need🤷♀, learn to know your skin and decide what is good for it💁♀.

3.-Use natural masks🌿, there are many masks that you can make that will leave your skin super cute without leaving it irritated or dry, remember that the natural is always kinder to our body! I love this and you only need OATS + GREEN TEA + HONEY, wonder of wonders (without exaggerating), use it whenever you want for 15 min.

4.-MAKE EXERCISE, even a little bit, this will help you to get toxins out of your body and to relax, since many times the imperfections come out of stress.

5.- FEED BETTER, change your chips with salsa for some cucumbers🥒, carrots🥕 with lemon or your favorite fruit🍎, I know it seems impossible but I promise that if you start adding fruits and vegetables in your days you will feel much better inside and out.

6.-THE MOST IMPORTANT☝☝☝, stop obsessing, forget about the pimples and stop paying so much attention to your life, I promise that little by little you will forget them and they will disappear😎

that is the translation of the article that I will leave here