i will now list a series of television shows/ movies/ anything that makes me remember my childhood in fond nostalgia. pls message me if u watched these too and wanna talk

charlie and lola

Inspiring Image on We Heart It cartoon, strawberry, and pink image
pink milk my fav episodes were the ones where they had a picnic and went to different countries, and the one where they went to the zoo.

curious george

banana, curious george, and george image book, loving, and pbs image
this was just my favorite show ever. a very monkey christmas is an amazing christmas movie

big comfy couch

clock, stretch, and dust bunnies image 90s, gif, and memories image
got a lil scared sometimes

little lulu

enfance, girl, and little image tv show, little lulu, and pequeña lulu image

we sing in sillyville

Image by clara Image by clara

maya and miguel

maya and miguel image

dragon tales

dragons, cute, and 90s image bffs, emmy, and pink image

and others:
- the land before time
- maggie and the ferocious beast
- angelina ballerina
- martha speaks
- tellytubbys
- arthur
- dinosaur train
- the electric company
- word girl
- pingu
- little bear
- blues clues
- franklin
- babar
- caillou
- the goodnight show
- sonic
- holly hobby
- the rlly old my little ponies
- felix the cat
- harold and the purple crayon
- super why
- jane and the dragon

and if ANYONE CAN PLEASE TELL ME what the show is called where its a little girl and she wears all pink and she speaks spanish?

lolol ok bye.

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