Aight so boom, recently I bought - as you might have already guessed - seven books. Why? Because I saw an opportunity and took it. Seven books, five of which are hardcovers (and y'all should know dem tingz ain't cheap) for $55.68 from BookOutlet. All I can say is God was watching over me, and I do not regret a single thing. So I thought in the spirit of spending money and saving money, I would share these books in no particular order.

♡✧ LeT's JuMp riGhT iNtO iT ✧♡

1. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (hardcover)

book, radio silence, and alice oseman image
I've heard great things about this book, so I thought "I'll give it a chance" and potentially emotionally wreck myself, yah yeet ~ Bargain price: CAD$9.39

2. The Diviners (Bk 1) by Libba Bray (paperback)

books, library, and supernatural image
Supernatural powers and occult-based murders? Sounds like a super great October read to me ~ Bargain price: CAD$4.39

3. Want by Cindy Pon (hardcover)

aesthetic, blue, and grunge image
A planet not only suffocated by pollution but dirty politics as well, you know I definitely gotta sit down for this one ~ Bargain price: CAD$8.69

4. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (Rise of the Empress) by Julie Dao (hardcover)

book, bookworm, and green image
Imagine my surprise when I discovered I got a SIGNED hardcover copy of this book. Ya girl is s h o o k ~ Bargain price: CAD$8.69

5. Arkwright by Allen Steele (paperback)

scenery, sci-fi, and screencap image aesthetic, blue, and dark image
The mere concept of colonizing space when Earth is no longer an option really ignites a sense of fear and curiosity deep within me, and I'm here for it. ~ Bargain price: CAD$6.59

6. The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee (hardcover)

book, books, and bookshelf image
I really only did buy this because of how pretty the cover is. I have no regrets ~ Bargain price: CAD$7.29

7. This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzie Lee (hardcover)

mary shelley, book, and Frankenstein image shadow hunters, clockwork angel, and the infernal devices image
Sometimes we just need a little Frankenstein and a pinch of gothic horror in our lives ~ Bargain price: CAD$7.99