Decided to put my boredom and random burst of productive energy into making a well put together aesthetic board for different catagories!

Here's who inspired this:

Here we go folks:

1. My Own Aesthetic

black, dyed hair, and hair image Image by Heather Mature image sad aesthetic egirl image

2. Movie Character Aesthetic

80s, aesthetic, and Heathers image aesthetic, beige, and lifestyle image aesthetic, locker, and uniform image etsy, hair scrunchy, and denimscrunchies image
Veronica Sawyer- Heathers

3. TV Show Character Aesthetic

handcuffs, aesthetic, and soft grunge image theme, lgbt, and girls image Barbed Wire, blue, and clouds image aesthetic, girl, and glasses image
Alex Vause- Orange Is The New Black

4. Book Character Aesthetic

hair, aesthetic, and beauty image book, red, and aesthetic image cat, animal, and cozy image red, aesthetic, and quotes image
Hermione Granger- Harry Potter series

5. Cartoon Character Aesthetic

green, slytherin, and words image eye, eyes, and makeup image girl, outfit, and aesthetic image aesthetics, green, and grunge image
Buttercup- PowerPuff Girls

6. Actor Aesthetic

spiderman and tom holland image orange, aesthetic, and building image aesthetic, homecoming, and Letter image train, vintage, and indie image
Tom Holland

7. Actress Aesthetic

80s, Breakfast Club, and cigarette image feminist, feminism, and pink image Abusive image aesthetic, alternative, and girls image
Molly Ringwald

8. Female Singer Aesthetic

Image removed art, erotica, and lined image quotes, black, and self love image virgin, cigarette, and grunge image
Bella Throne

9. Male Singer Aesthetic

tattoo, boy, and lil peep image drugs, tumblr, and grunge image Image removed 90's, aesthetic, and black image
Lil Peep

10. Band Aesthetic

twentyonepilots, joshdun, and tøp image red, aesthetic, and boy image fear, quotes, and feed image quotes, forget, and aesthetic image
Twenty One Pilots

11. Song Aesthetic

wolf, girl, and art image aesthetic, goth, and edgy image Abusive image avatar, black, and black and white image
Halsey- Nightmare

12. Person From Real Life Aesthetic

aesthetic, pink, and quote image cat and accessories image bow, cheerleader, and kiss me image childhood, cotton candy, and fair image
My Little Sister