We live in the love era where every one is silent, where nothing is spoken about, where the ¨strongest¨ one always wins.
We avoid feelings and we burry them without even surpassing them. And so, I always ask myself ¨how brave are we actually when we can not even admit that some things hurt and some things bother us?¨.
The thing is, vulnerability has become a cliche in which nobody wants to fall in. And this is why we lose love, we make mistakes, and we become more of a ¨man¨ with each passing day. When I say more of a man, I mean the modern version that we have created of the human being, when in reality we all feel too much and we all cry too much.
Have you crossed paths with that person that makes you cry until 2 am? That person who breaks your soul just by seeing them from afar. And when you see them, you turn into a complete mess because you want to be the strong one, the one who wins, the one who does not care.
But then, you arrive home and suddenly the crying does not stop, it becomes uncontrollable and that is why I love the phrase ¨It´s better to say too much, than never to say what you needed to say¨, because this one is for the brave ones, the ones that search for answers, the ones who decide to forget and move on or the ones who get the chance to be with the ones they love, because maybe, just maybe, that person feels the same way you do and they want to hear it from you. Pride builds barriers so be vulnerable, be human.

- Angel Dimples, 2019.