taking care of your skin isn’t about
how much money you spend on mo-
isturises and cleansers its about ge-
tting into a routine of taking the time
to take care of your skin.

cleansers + toners
cleansers and toners can replenish and
clean your face from dirt build up and
makeup a good cleanser investment is
witch hazel as it is has been proven to
help with acne to oily skin, puffy eyes,
and sunburn; for the body. witch hazel
can be purchased at your local drug
store or grocery store.

Another step to add to you routine is
finding the right moisturiser. it can be
hard for people with sensitive skin ho-
wever their are lots of options for peo-
ple with sensitive skin in the facial moi-
sturiser range. I personally have always
had sensitive skin to facial moisturiser
and found most to have fragrances or
other added properties that irritate my
face. I found using a moisturiser made
for the body and face didn’t have fragr-
ances in it and was built for all skin types
which was overall better for my skin and

what you eat doesn’t just effect you on
the inside it can also affect your skin.
when trying to clear your skin try to stay
easy from greasy fast food and sugary
drinks. a tip I find useful is to invest in a e-
asy to transport drink bottle this way I can
have a water with me at all times and not
be tempted to purchase a soda or fizzy drink.

tips + facts

not removing make from your face for one
night is the equivalent of not washing our
face for a week

If you face is easily irritated and results in
rednesses or rashes you can look into fin-
ding dermatology tested products

your pores will not open with hot or warm
water and bathing and showering your
face in these conditions could potentially
create damage.