Hello beautiful souls, it’s me again. I’m just going to link some of my Spotify playlist,I hope you like them and enjoy them just like me.

♡ My account:

beach, summer, and sea image

☼ Beach playlist: Is a little mix of my fav chill-beach vibes songs

blonde, body, and girl image girl, hat, and summer image

♡ Mix random: This is a mix random of my favorites songs

Temporarily removed fruit, food, and healthy image

♡ Workout playlist part I: All this songs in this is, obviously, for do exercise and all the songs are in English.

fitness, running, and run image bali, bowl, and coco image

♡ Workout playlist part II: I put all my latino favorites songs for do exercise.

summer, friends, and adventure image travel and girl image

♪ Carpool karaoke: okay... this is the typical songs that I heard with my family/friends when we go in the car.

starbucks, summer, and coffee image Image by guapa_emo18

♡ Playlist to drive (English): In this I have put my favorite / current songs that I like to listen to when I'm playing, in this song they are all in English.

girl, summer, and beach image girly, rings, and jeep image

♡ Playlist to drive (Spanish): all songs in this playlist are my favorites for do my exercises and are my current Latino favorites songs. And sometimes help me for cleaning my room or something like that.

Do not forget to follow me on my spotify account and follow my playlists. If you want to check my other playlists since I have many different artists and genres.