Basic Info

Name: Bellamy Hargreeves
Number: Eight
Codename: The Mentalist
Nickname(s): Bell
Born: October 1, 1989


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Bellamy has brown hair, hazel eyes and fair skin.


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Telekinesis: Bellamy is able to manipulate objects and people with her mind. Her telekinesis is strong enough to lift large and heavy objects. Bellamy can also use this ability to attack and cause physical damage to people.

Precognition: Bellamy is able to see the future. She is only able to see visions when she is asleep or unconscious, her visions tend to be uncontrollable and unpredictable.

After the Academy

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When Bellamy was 18 years old she moved out of the Academy and went to school. She is now an Assistant Professor in English Literature at a local University.


Sir Reginald Hargreeves

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Bellamy's relationship with her father was not a happy one. She resents her father for all the pain and suffering he put her and her siblings through.

Grace Hargreeves

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Bellamy has a close relationship with Grace and loves her with all her heart. She cares greatly for her and vice versa.


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Bellamy considers Pogo a dear friend and cares greatly for him.

Luther Hargreeves/Number One

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Bellamy and Luther were not very close growing up. Despite not being close Bellamy does care about and love her brother.

Diego Hargreeves/Number Two

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Bellamy and Digeo got along fairly well growing up and have always cared for and loved one another.

Allison Hargreeves/Number Three

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Bellamy and Allison were close growing up they both love and care greatly for one another.

Klaus Hargreeves/Number Four

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Bellamy and Klaus were close growing up, she always tried her best to comfort him after their father would lock him in the mausoleum. She loves and cares very much for Klaus and worries about his drug habit and has tried to help him sober up.

Five Hargreeves/Number Five

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Bellamy and Five were very close before he disappeared. After he disappeared she was devastated. When he returned 17 years later she is thrilled to see him again because she had missed him greatly.

Ben Hargreeves/Number Six

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Bellamy and Ben had a close relationship and bonded over their love of books. She loved and cared him greatly and was devastated about his death.

Vanya Hargreeves/Number Seven

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Bellamy and Vanya have a close relationship. Bellamy has always loved and cared about Vanya, she always felt sorry for her about how cruel their father was to her and how she was left out of a lot of things. When Vanya wrote her book Bellamy was quite upset and hurt about it(like their other siblings) but she eventually understood why Vanya did it and forgave her.