top ten favorite groups?

✿ seventeen
✿ blackpink.
✿ ikon,
✿ day6,
✿ big bang.
✿ exo.
✿ got7.
✿ stray kids.
✿ ateez.
✿ astro.

top six biases?

black, grunge, and kpop image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image
✿ lisa.
Image removed 17, aesthetic, and beauty image
✿ mingyu.
Ikon, b.i, and hanbin image Ikon and hanbin image
✿ hanbin.
hyuna, kpop, and 4minute image hyuna, baddie, and kim hyuna image
✿ hyuna.
after school, kpop, and Nana image after school, kpop, and Nana image
✿ nana.
bts, taehyung, and v image bts, v, and taehyung image
✿ taehyung.

ultimate bias?

lisa, blackpink, and kpop image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image
✿ lisa.

how long have you been into kpop?
✿ i started listening to kpop in 2012, but i left it aside. in 2016 i started listening to it again, bc blackpink debuted.

first kpop song?
✿ bang by after school.

top five girlgroups?
✿ blackpink.
✿ fromis9
✿ oh my girl.
✿ red velvet.
✿ twice.

top five boygroups?
✿ seventeen.
✿ exo.
✿ stray kids.
✿ got7.
✿ ateez.

favorite kpop songs at the moment?
✿ birthday, somi.
✿ love scenario, ikon.
✿ kick it, blackpink.

favorite debut?
✿ the 7th sense, nct.
✿ boombayah, blackpink.

least favorite group?
✿ well, if i have to be honest: bts. i liked them at the beginning, i need you will always be one of my favorite songs, but since a few years ago their music no longer catches me. i still love them, taehyung is the love of my life.

least favorite song by favorite group?
✿ all the ep "square up" of blackpink, the one i hate the most is "ddu du ddu du", what the hell is that lisa has only one line? bye.

best kpop dancers?
✿ lisa, blackpink.
✿ seulgi, red velvet.
✿ jimin, bts.
✿ ten, nct.
✿ kai, exo.
✿ hoshi, seventeen.
✿ mina, twice.

best kpop rappers?
✿ gdragon, bigbang.
✿ yoongi, bts.
✿ lisa, blackpink.
✿ hanbin, ikon.
✿ hyuna.
✿ vernon, seventeen.
✿ hyunjin, stray kids.
✿ jackson, got7.
✿ zico, block b.

best kpop vocalist?
✿ jisoo, blackpink.
✿ wendy, red velvet.
✿ taehyung, bts.
✿ ailee.
✿ baekhyun, exo.
✿ jb, got7.
✿ youngk, day6.
✿ taeyang, bigbang.
✿ solar, mamamoo.

favorite leaders?

✿ gdragon, bigbang.
✿ jisoo, blackpink. (she is the leader, sh.)
✿ suho, exo.
✿ hanbin, ikon.
✿ seungcheol, seventeen.
✿ jiho, twice.

favorite maknae?
✿ lisa, blackpink.
✿ taemin, shinee.
✿ dino, seventeen.
✿ jisung, nct.
✿ wooseok, pentagon.

favorite visual?
✿ mingyu, seventeen.
✿ jisoo, blackpink.
✿ nana, after school.
✿ san, ateez.
✿ taehyug, bts.

exo bias?
✿ baekhyun.

favorite kdrama?
✿ goblin.
✿ what is wrong with secretary kim.
✿ weightlifting fairy kim bok joo.
✿ im not a robot.

favorite idol who starred in a kdrama?
✿ d.o.

bts or exo?
✿ exo!

twice or blackpink?
✿ blackpink!

do you have any kpop related merch?
✿ yes, seventeen and blackpink.

have you ever gone to a kpop concert?
✿ no.

favorite hair color on your biases?
✿ lisa: blonde.
✿ mingyu: black.
✿ hanbin: brown.
✿ hyuna: red.
✿ nana: brown.
✿ taehyung: blonde, pink, black, blue, red.

if you could switch bodies with any idol who would it be?

after school and Nana image abs, after school, and body image
✿ nana.

what position in a kpop group would you be?
✿ rapper, or dancer.

what do you like most about kpop?
✿ the music, the videos, and the idols, all help me to be happier.

favorite music videos?

asian, girl, and k-pop image Image by Sara Moon
✿ playing with fire, blackpink.
icon, oh my, and kpop image icon, oh my, and kpop image
✿ oh my, seventeen.

what kpop songs do you listen to when you are happy?
✿ kick it, blackpink.
✿ very nice, seventeen.
✿ boombayah, blackpink.
✿ bubble pop, hyuna.

kpop, kindie, krock, khiphop?
✿ k pop, k indie, and k hip hop.

unpopular kpop opinions you have?
✿ blackpink is not overrated, they leave their skin to be where they are.
✿ some army make bts look bad, they defend love, but the only thing their fans do (some) is to spread hatred.
✿ neither the "cute" concepts, nor the "girl crush" are better or worse, both are great.

ballads or upbeat songs?

ultimate otp?

kpop, lisa, and rose image lisa, blackpink, and jisoo image
✿ lisa + jisoo.