Hey, everyone!
So, I was navigating through WHI these days, and I saw the article below. I thought it was such a fun idea that I wanted to do my version of it. I absolutely LOVE buzzfeed quizzes.
This was my inspiration:

And here are the quizzes I took:

1. This Dessert Quiz Will Determine Which Continent You Should Really Live On

aesthetic, america, and beautiful image summer, sunset, and sky image
You got: North America

2. Take A Trip To Paris And We'll Reveal Which Celeb You'd Go With

millie bobby brown image millie bobby brown image
You got: Millie Bobby Brown

3. This Personality Quiz Will Reveal Which "Lion King" Character You're Most Similar To

lookerscreen image disney, simba, and lion king image
You got: Simba. You’re sweet, kind and a natural born leader

4. Which Beyonce "Homecoming" Song Are You?

b, queen bey, and run the world image
You got: Run The World (Girls)

5. Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal Which Disney Character Would Be Your Sidekick

Image by Toto. 👑 Image by Umi
You got: Olaf

6. We Know Which Iconic 2000s Movie You Are Based On Your Nostalgic Choices

mean girls, burn book, and pink image mean girls, quotes, and funny image
You got: Mean Girls

7. Can We Guess Which Season Perfectly Matches Your Personality?

flowers, pink, and rose image flowers, pink, and house image
You got: Spring - You are what people look forward to and, just like Spring, you are very positive! You love to help people and are great at lightening moods and lifting even the darkest of situations! Yay!

8. We'll Reveal Which Avenger You Are After You Answer A Handful Of Easy Questions

celebrity, thor, and ragnarok image
You got: Loki

9. Which Jonas Brother Is Your Soulmate?

Joe Jonas, jonas brothers, and sucker image Joe Jonas and jonas brothers image
You got: Joe Jonas

10. Design The Perfect House And We'll Reveal The One City You Truly Belong In

Greece, travel, and santorini image Greece, santorini, and sunset image
You got: Santorini, Greece

11. This Quiz Will Reveal Which Combo Of Disney Princesses You Are

disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image mulan image
You got: Belle and Mulan. You're ahead of your time, strong, and will do anything for the people you love

12. Decorate Your Room With Urban Outfitters And We'll Give You A Summer Anthem To Rock To

lover and Taylor Swift image Image by lolita
You got: You Need to Calm Down by Taylor Swift

13.Which "Toy Story" Character Are You Based On The Food You Like?

Image removed toy story, wallpaper, and disney image
You got: Woody. You're loyal, smart, determined, and passionate with everything you do.

14. It's Time To Find Out Which Unconventional Hair Color Would Suit You Best

pink, hair, and hairstyle image Image by 𔘓
You got: Pink

15. We Know Which Ariana Grande Song You Are Based On The Cupcake You Bake

ariana grande, thank u next, and ariana image Image by 𝐃𝐚𝐲𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐱𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞
You got: thank u, next

16. We Know Which Hot British Actor You'll Marry Based On The Trip To London You Plan

Temporarily removed boy, british, and Jennifer Lawrence image
You got: Sam Claflin

17. Answer These Questions To See Which Taylor Swift Album You Are

Taylor Swift, guitar, and fearless image fearless, Taylor Swift, and quote image
You got: Fearless

18. We Know Which Celebrity Chris Will Date You

Image removed chris hemsworth image
You got: Chris Hemsworth | I WISH!

19. This Quiz Will Reveal Which Royal Princess And Disney Princess Combo You Are

beautiful, fashion, and pretty image disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image
You got: Kate Middleton and Belle

20. Choose Between Your Favorite Artists And We’ll Give You A Place To Vacation

indonesia, nature, and seascape image summer, bali, and indonesia image
You got: Indonesia

21. Create A Movie To See Which Shawn Mendes Song You Are

edit, Lyrics, and quote image campfire, Lyrics, and photography image
You got: Something Big

22. Your Breakfast Preferences Will Determine Which Country You Should Visit

boot, meer, and schweden image animal, dog, and eyes image
You got: Sweden

23. Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Guess Your Favorite Summer Activity

picnic, summer, and beach image food, wine, and strawberry image
You got: Having a picnic | Although I love picnics, my favorite summer activities are reading and going to the beach!

24. We Can Predict Your Future Based On Your Favorite Things

baby, children, and kids image baby and family image
You got: You’ll have a lot of kids

25. Can We Guess Which Ariana Grande Album Is Your Favorite?

sweetener, album, and ariana grande image sweetener, arianagrande, and instagram image
You got: Sweetener | Close! My favorite is Dangerous Woman, but I really like Sweetener as well.

26. Order Yourself Some Ice Cream And We'll Guess If You're The Oldest, Youngest, Or Middle Child

Image removed
You got: Middle Child | And it’s absolutely right

27. Your Pizza Preferences Will Reveal What People Most Love About You

quotes, life, and words image quotes, believe, and inspiration image
You got: You’re unbelievably hardworking

28. Choose Your Favorite Movie Couples And We'll Reveal Which Singer Is Your Soulmate

boxing, 1d, and sweet creature image Harry Styles image
You got: Harry Styles

29. We Can Guess Which Jonas Brothers Song From "Happiness Begins" Is Your Favorite Based On Your Wedding

Image removed aesthetic, crush, and edit image
You got: Sucker | Although I LOVE Sucker, my favorite is Used to Be

30. Which Decade Do You Really Belong In?

pink, 2000, and 2000s image Anne Hathaway, girl, and princess diaries image
You got: The 2000s

31. Make A Taylor Swift Playlist And We'll Guess Your Birth Month

art, calendar, and july image july and bullet journal image
You got: July | Wrong! It’s October

32. These Questions May Seem Random, But They'll Help Us Guess Your Dream Job

olympics, rhythmic gymnastics, and rio 2016 image brazil, volleyball, and competition image
You got: Athlete | Wrong! My dream job is to be a writer

33. Your Drink Preferences Will Reveal Which Marvel Man Is Your Soulmate

thor, Marvel, and chris hemsworth image thor, mcu, and Marvel image
You got: Thor

34. If You Recast The Avengers With Female Leads, We'll Give You A New TV Show To Watch

grey's anatomy, mean, and quote image
You got: Grey’s Anatomy

35. Your Favorite Movies Will Determine Which School Subject You're Most Like

athletes, football, and photo image football, women, and girls image
You got: P.E. You're a healthy person who is constantly active. You're also a team player.

36. Create Your Dream Guy And We'll Tell You Which Celebrity You'll End Up With

beautiful people, michael b jordan, and black panther image michael b. jordan image
You got: Michael B. Jordan

37. Which Taylor Swift Single Perfectly Matches Your Personality?

lover, songs, and Swift image Taylor Swift, performance, and bbmas image
You got: ME! You are known for your sweeter, youthful side and prefer butterflies over snakes. With a colourful personality and bright aura, both you and this summer hit put smiles on people's faces!

38. Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In Based On The "Harry Potter" TV Show You Cast

book, intelligence, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
You got: Ravenclaw

39. Everyone Has A Live-Action Disney Princess Who Should Be Their BFF — Here's Yours

emma watson, beauty and the beast, and disney image emma watson, beauty and the beast, and belle image
You got: Belle! You'd be best friends with Emma Watson's Belle! Both of you are determined, intelligent and very adventurous. There's no doubt you two would be inseparable.

40. We Only Need Six Questions To Discover If You're More Like Beyoncé Or Ariana Grande

beyoncé, queen bey, and mrs carter image beyoncé image
You got: Beyoncé! You are a strong and capable person who can handle anything that comes their way with effortless style and class.

41. Pick Some Summer Treats And We'll Tell You Where You Should Be Headed For Vacation

sky, summer, and sunset image blue, brown, and city image
You got: Miami, Florida

42. Are You More Of A Party Person Or A Homebody?

bed, reading, and book image autumn, chill, and Cookies image
You got: Peace and quiet. You love being at home where it's warm and cozy, reading a book or watching your favorite shows.

43. We'll Tell You Who Your Celebrity Husband Is Based On Your Personality

bae, british, and loki image Marvel, loki, and tomhiddleston image
You got: Your soulmate is Tom Hiddleston. He's charming, hilarious, and beautiful.

44. Which Style Of Dance Are You Based On The Places You Visit?

ballet, dance, and black and white image ballet, beautiful, and dance image
You got: Ballet.You're the embodiment of grace and elegance. You're motivated and disciplined with outstanding physical fitness, stamina, and perseverance.

45. Create A Dream Boyfriend And We'll Give You A Rom-Com To Watch

couple, emma stone, and gif image
You got: Crazy, Stupid, Love

46. Everyone Has A Pixar Character That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours

disney, pixar, and gif image
You got: Remy! You've been a creative soul ever since you can remember, whether it was playing the piano or cooking, and everyone who meets you immediately flocks to your kindness.

47. Which Actor Would Play You In A Movie About Your Life?

emma watson, tumblr, and watson love image emma watson image
You got: Emma Watson

48. Have A Self-Care Day And We'll Tell You What To Do Next Weekend

study, school, and notes image study, school, and college image
You got: Try journaling

49. Which Celeb Family Do You Belong To Based On The Life Story You Write?

barack obama, family, and michelle obama image michelle obama and president image
You got: The Obama family. You're radiant and kind. You belong in this family of pioneers where your relatives are motivational and powerful. | I WISH I was that awesome

50. Build Your Perfect Pizza And We'll Reveal Which "Game Of Thrones" Family You Belong In

dragon and game of thrones image game of thrones, emilia clarke, and khaleesi image
You got: Targaryen. You're kind and thoughtful however, you have a darker side to call on when you need to.

Well, that was super fun! Thank you for reading all the way through, if you have it. Send me a message if you liked the article! And please, check some of my other collections: