"Karma?" I called out inside the grand home the red head lived in. It was practically a mansion, and Karma was lucky enough to have it and usually be the only one in the house.

The mischievous, young boy had asked you to come over earlier and you had to decline as you're aunt was at the hospital and had given birth the day before, so you as the cousin of this new born child, were inclined to see the baby.

When no one answered your call, you raised your voice and called out again. This time, an answer was received. "I'm up here!"

No matter how many times you heard his voice, it still made your heart beat rapidly. You were his girlfriend now, although it hadn't been too long, and he still made you feel some type of way that you couldn't explain.

You opened the door of Karma's room to find him spread across his bed something, you had learnt, he does when he's anxious and worried. Slowly closing the door, Karma glanced at you and looked up at the wall he was looking at previously.

You knew something was wrong now. Karma, as sadistic and crazy as he is, would always spare you a smile when he looked at you. Something he doesn't even show his parents- not that they were ever at home to see him do it.

Sighing, you walked over to his bed and sat down near his head with you legs out on the bed. Taking the locks of his hair you started to twist and play with them. Karma smiled softly, his eyes now closed, which made you smile as well.

He slightly sat up and moved, so that his head was in your lap, making it easier to rest your hands and play with his hair. This was one of the reasons you and Karma were made for each other. You both didn't like to talk about your feelings much and kept them inside. You didn't like to talk things out, to put it simply. And when you were in the need of comforting, talking wasn't a way to comfort neither of you.

Mere words just weren't enough.

A few minutes after just laying there, you playing with his hair and him smiling at your touch, Karma sighed making you let go of his hair. He groaned, grabbing your hand and putting it to his chest, making you giggle.

"Get up," you laughed, slightly pushing him up. He, reluctantly, got up still holding onto your hand. Turning to face you properly, he stared into your eyes for a few moments. How easily you both got distracted by each other's eyes.

His sharp, mercury eyes may seem scary to some people- more like a lot- but to you there was nothing more beautiful that Karma's eyes. Besides his smile that, in your opinion, was his best physical trait. They were just so menacingly beautiful.

And Karma loved your eyes. He thought they were the prettiest eyes in the whole universe. He could probably write an essay about your beautiful eyes. He still remembered the day he fell head first into your heart- and it was all because he saw your eyes glow in excitement.

Karma grabbed your fingers and started cracking them, still staring into your eyes.
You giggled, muttering 'ow!' as one of the cracks slightly hurt you.

"Oh, man up." Karma laughed at your very minor physical pain. You rolled your eyes, and finally decided to stop joking around and get to the point.

"Can you tell me what's wrong." Karma immediately lost the fun and mischief he had in his eyes before. Now his mercury orbs looked disheartened. And his face looked annoyed.

"It's nothing. You don't have to worry about it." He smiled at you, but anyone could have seen that it was fake. You ran you hands through the end of his hair, slightly massaging his neck.

"It's obviously not nothing." Karma stayed silent, letting you run your hand though his hair. When he still didn't say anything you patted his head and frowned. "Fine. You can stay quiet but you have to tell me eventually, alright?"

Karma didn't nod, or show any sign that he heard what you said. You heard your phone vibrate and the screen glowed up. Karma grabbed you and pulled you into his chest. "You don't need to see that text. Just cuddle with me."

You got out of his grasp making him whine, and grabbed your phone. It was a text from your mom. Telling you to come back home. NOW. Checking the time you found that it was very unfortunately 11 pm. Way past curfew.

"Oh shit. I have to go babe. Sorry." You ruffled his hair, and moved away as he made a feeble attempt to grab you. "If you're ready to talk about this, call me."

With that you ran out and home so your mom didn't kill you for being any later.