Game Style

apple, carrots, and flowers image Image removed
Probably a farm or adventure simulation game, cause that’s more fun & creative.

Camila Peridot Martinez


Image by Asma'a Asoom girl, hair, and book image bride, dress, and embroidery image accessories, bed, and cross image
Bright green eyes, long dark brown hair, slightly tan skin


food, vintage, and indie image food and fashion image
A waitress at the towns bakery. Sometimes she goes shopping for ingredients.


cooking image Cookies, gingerbread man, and christmast image green, feet, and forest image peaceful, gif, and waterfall image
Loves eating the food she makes as much as making it. Also likes to wander the woods during her free time, looking for new places to explore.


books, grunge, and indie image sweet, candy, and food image cooking, garlic, and sauce image hand and light image
Fantasy books, sweets, cooking, magic. She’s really fascinated by magic but is terrible at it.


adventure, forest, and puppy image
Bella, the little cutie tends to follow her everywhere.