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I started a facebook page. I started an instagram page. I started a twitter page.
They serve different purposes, and they're for different crouds. It's like I separated myself in these different people and started these pages. They're all me, but different parts of me.

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I used my facebook page to get attention, it got boring very quickly as I found that's not what I really wanted. It was my highschool ghost who always wanted me to be popular that started that page.
Attention will only get you so far, but it will teach you some valuable lessons. Attention is the fastest way to realize what you're insecure about because everyone is looking at you.
You have to handle it carefully and use it with purpose. I didn't have one.
I closed my fb page.

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I'm using my instagram page to find reciprocity and hear from people.
I wanted to express myself. I wanted to feel heard and seen. I used instagram to do just that. I wanted likes. Likes meant that someone out there read what I wrote and felt what I felt even if it's just for a second. I didn't have many likes, so I felt that no one could relate to my story and felt discouraged. I needed to switch up and look at things different so I turned to images. I started to screenshot partes of movies that ressonated with me. It was like all of a sudden I had a translator for what I was feeling. It didn't matter if people liked it or not. It was like having a diary everyone can read, but still private because no one knows me.
Some images ressonated with me so much I didn't want to share them. They felt private. As if everyone would know who I was if I just shared that quote.

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My twitter page is private. It's where I share thoughts I don't want other people to hear, toxic thoughts. That bad place we all visit esporadicly. It's for me and me only to revisit when I'm happy and realize how other people affect me, how I let bad thoughts spiral out of control and how my anxiety is not a joke.