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Boku No Hero Academia

Kiyoko Kumo

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Kiyoko, Japanese name for “pure/innocent.” Kumo, Japanese word for “cloud.”


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A 15 year old girl with violet eyes, pale blue hair, & light skin


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Kiyoko’s quirk is called Pocket Portal. She can create portals of all sizes that can access any location up to 10 miles. She can also access them through a small being she named Taro.


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Ramen, oyakodon, sweets, dogs & her puppy Ebi.


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Empathetic, emotional, upbeat, childish, reckless


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Comfy, cute. She’d go out in her PJs if she could. Her mom won’t let her wear them outside.


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Her family’s ramen house, Toro Noodles. The building is pretty big so they all live on the second floor.


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The boys are smitten with her, even some from other classes. But Kiyoko’s oblivious to this. Momo tends to baby her.