It's Monday night and you just spent the last 3 hours scrolling through pictures of beautiful landscapes and destination hotspots dreaming of the day it's YOU in those pictures, and NOT your favorite travel blogger.

Well it's time to stop scrolling and start planning. We chatted with professional traveler and digital storyteller Christine Tran, otherwise known as @TourDeLust about the ins-and-outs of her career. She shares her experiences as a travel blogger, must-have's when packing for a big trip and even some helpful tips on how to kick those post-vacation blues to the curb.

So stop scrolling, keep reading and start planning. 2019 is the year of YOUR next adventure. ✈️

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Please introduce yourself to our readers!

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have lived in San Francisco but currently, reside in New York. I'm currently a full-time travel/lifestyle blogger and love sharing my adventures to help inspire others to travel. I've been to 49 countries and will be hitting my 50th country soon! I'm also a big foodie and enjoy learning, and experiencing new cultures around the world.

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First things first, we’d love to know how you turned traveling the world into your full-time career!

I was working full-time as an analytics manager at Macy's for four years before becoming a full-time blogger. Growing up my friends and family had always turned to me for advice when it comes to restaurant and food recommendations. I was once a yelp elite member! I've always enjoyed writing reviews, sharing my experiences and taking photos of everything I did. In 2016 I decided to start my own blog as a hobby, I spent my weekends on road trips, taking photos and working on my blog/social media. Within a year, I was getting brand deals and press trips which led me to pursue my new career path.

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You’re packing for your next big trip… What’s in your carry on bag?

I'm actually leaving for Curacao! I cannot travel without the following items in my carry on; camera gear, laptop, headphones, hand lotion, water bottle, compression socks, and snacks!

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Any airport essentials you can’t travel without?


With sample itineraries, hotel reviews and more your blog is a great resource for anyone planning a trip. If you could sum up your top 3 tips for a first time traveler, what would they be?

Top 3 tips:

- Use packing cubes

- Always shoot early mornings/sunrise for the best lighting and without crowds

- Purchase a universal adapter

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Do you have a pre-travel routine? If so, what is it?

I have a checklist that I go through to make sure I do not forget anything! The worst thing about traveling is forgetting batteries, charger or your camera!

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Post-vacation blues are a real (and serious) thing! Any tips for avoiding this and getting back into the swing of things?

I always give myself a day rest when I get back from any trip. This helps me relax, decompress from a busy trip and prepare for my daily routine.

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Word on the street is that you’re planning a wedding! CONGRATS! How are you managing balancing normal life, wedding planning and travel?

This can be so difficult as I'm super busy working and wedding planning can also be a full-time job! I currently have a wedding planner to help plan my wedding which saves me a lot of time in doing a lot of research and reviewing contracts. I've also been more selective on projects as I'm giving myself more time to focus on the wedding.

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Where can we expect to see you next?


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