Hello, beautiful people. Everyone is so beautiful and unique.
I firmly recommed you to read a book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. This is a marvelous novel, great thoughts and splendid writing style are involved. However, the main reason to advise you that book is that I felt better after I've finished reading. A lot better. Lighter. Clear. Motivated. And I'd be so glad if someone became happier too. So I'll share my impression and thoughts with you. No spoilers, I promise. Personally, I can't stand them.

Lately I've noticed that an angry person initiates the whole chain of evil deeds. One day my friend and I were peaceful and totally satisfied with our lives. We were chilling outside after a good, exhausting jog. Then out of the blue I felt a cold strong push. My friend and I were absolutely wet. Some kids supposed it was a great joke. I wasn't mad at them. Not at all. Nevertheless being soppy is a disgusting feeling. So I was annoyed despite the fact that I tried to be neglecting. And I was rude to another person. Probably that person yelled at someone else and etc. The main character of the novel was a victim of such chain. But he was wise enough to stop it. I promise myself to be always kind and initiate only the chain of good deeds. Deeds that are encouraged with love. That's all that we can do to fight cruelty. To give such promises.

I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons.

That means a lot to me. I always felt that I'm quite a good person only because my parents brought me up well. And if I'd grown up in another family, I'd've been a bad and narrow-minded girl. But I've seen people that impress me by just being themselves after what they went through. So I start to believe now that I am who I am for a lot of reasons. And I wouldn't have changed. Never.

I was really there. And that was enough to make me feel infinite.

That book makes you want to live. Feel. Be present. I strongly desire to make tomorrow special. And be infinite.

Read this book and see what will make you feel different.