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Hi! So I know mornings can suck but as a morning person I know a little bit about things you can do in the morning to change the way you feel and things you can do to feel less tired. This is going to be split into 2 sections. "A Morning Routine" and "Morning Habits"


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Put your alarm on the other side of the room

Waking up without an alarm is obviously going to make you happier but more often than not I wake up to an alarm because I'm a student. Putting your alarm, whether it be an actual clock or just your phone, on the opposite side of the room will force you to get up and out of bed and it prevents you from hitting the snooze button. Hitting the snooze button convinces your brain that your going back to sleep when your not, which makes you more tired. This also prevents you from going on your phone at night!

Make your bed

After you get up you should tuck in your blanket and put your pillows on the bed because this will stop you from crawling back in bed and it will make your bedroom look cleaning, which always helps boost my mood.

Open the windows

I don't just mean move the blinds, I mean literally open the windows! The fresh air with make you happier and more productive. Even better if you have the luxury of living somewhere where it's sunny early in the mornings, you'll get the natural light!

Wash your face with cold water

Washing your face with cold water wakes you up, tightens your pores and reduces puffiness, which everyone gets in the mornings. It's a win-win-win! Although, you should still wash your face with warm water at night.
Here's a series I did all about skincare!

Drink a glass of water

Fun fact, if you drink a glass of cold water before you eat or drink anything else it will boost your metabolism, your dopamine levels and your serotonin levels which are kind of happiness hormones.

Eat breakfast

I know so many people who don't eat breakfast in the morning even though, as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a nutritional breakfast gives you an energy boost and helps reduce crankiness in the morning, making you happier!
Some things I like to eat are a tortilla roll with peanut butter and banana slices, although some people may be allergic or a bowl mixed with granola, bananas or strawberries and greek yogurt.

Dance to music!

When your getting ready for the day (brushing your teeth, doing makeup, washing your face etc.) put on a playlist aloud and dance to it! Music has been proven to lift your mood, plus dancing and singing is fun!

So this is going to be more my morning routine because I consider myself a morning person.

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Wake up at 6:30 to a radio alarm

My alarm goes off at 6:25 and I get up at 6:30. Sometimes I turn off the alarm but it depends what music is playing, sometimes I leave it on and sing along to it while I make my bed and get dressed. The radio station is Energy 106 (106.1) which is a local radio station.

Make my bed

Open the window

During the summer my window is open at night because it cools down my room so I just open my blinds and stay there for a minute or so. I do however close it when I leave or it will get to hot.

Get dressed

Wash face

Go downstairs and make breakfast

Around 6:45 I get downstairs and make whatever I make and grab a glass of water.

Eat breakfast at and check phone

I leave my phone downstairs on the charger so I won't be tempted to go on it at night and there I check social media and any games that you get daily rewards for, like the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.

Get ready at 7:20

I typically listen to my pop playlist which has over 300 songs so I don't have to worry about overplaying a song and it usually takes me 20 minutes to get ready and I wash my face upstairs beforehand. I don't do much with makeup, just some concealer and highlight and occasionally mascara but I have naturally long lashes so I don't use it all that much.

Walk to school at 7:50

I either listen to music or walk with my friend. My school starts at 8:30 and it's like 25 minutes away, so I tend to leave my house really early.

I know this was a school routine but because my summer just started, I haven't figured out a solid routine yet.

Anyways, thank you for reading this article, I hope you have a wonderful morning!



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