hi! thanks for checking out my article! these activities are many people want to exercise, but don't enjoy it, so here are some fun ways to work out this summer. * not explicitly for summer*

tip: always go with friends! it makes it so much more fun!

  • walk. inside, outside, in the mall, on a trail.
  • laugh. it can actually burn like 40 calories.
  • try a gym. i've honestly done this before; showed interest in a gym and gotten free workout cards.
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  • dance. like nobody's watching.
  • clean? i find this enjoying, and i know not everyone does, but hey, you get a clean room or clean area as a bonus.
  • park far away. choose a fun summer event and park like 1/2 mile to a mile away, so you'll technically be forced to walk.
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  • build. a blanket fort would be super fun.
  • volunteer. help out your community and your own health.
  • take your pet on a walk. i mean they need to be walked, i guess unless they are like a fish, a bird... lol.
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  • try a new sport! yoga. pilates. gymnastics. cheer. dance. crossfit.

thanks so much for reading! dm me if you have any specific article requests.

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